What we Do

Located on one of the most visited beaches in Cartagena.

In partnership with Sagrada beach we offer different services, restaurant, beach chairs, music, extreme sports, all in one place in front of the beach with private parking, contact us in Whatsapp for further information.

We are located in one of the most visited beach in Cartagena. Luxurious hotels on the longest beach of the bay, makes this spot one of the most visited by tourists. To get to the school you must take a short walk from the main street (Anillo Vial 9) passing through Las Américas Hotel. We have hydration zone, minibar, tanning zone, restaurant, music and more.

The school has all regulations and documentation of the authorities of the port, that certifies us as a kitesurfing, windsurfing school. Don’t risk your own and other’s safety taking classes with individuals that don’t have the necessary permits to practice these sports. Don’t ruin your vacation with a bad choice.

More than 8000 students of all ages and nationalities have lived this wonderful experience.

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